Receivables Purchase

With SCiCustomer, funders can now seamlessly manage clients of all sizes and integrate our extensive range of reports into their back office systems. The end result is better risk management, reduced costs and increased revenues. We help financial institutions leverage their strengths as providers of liquidity, trust, and financial settlement services by tightly integrating them as true business partners with our buyer and supplier clients.

SCiCustomer benefits for funders:

  • SCiCustomer provides all parties with previously unobtainable transparency and visibility on transaction details, reducing the risk of fraud and errors considerably
  • Tested and approved by multiple funding sources, including some of the largest global banks and industry standard audits while running on highly secured systems
  • Offering fast go-to-market strategy
  • Money flows do not go through Propell
  • Flexibility on credit limits, pricing and advance amounts per client-customer-currency combination
  • Full transparency on pricing, without participation fees
  • We help you deliver benefits to your clients through program roll-out and continuous training, ongoing management and support, continuous platform enhancements

Products offered

SciCustomer - Selective Receivables Financing (SRF)

Multi-bank Invoice discounting platform for clients

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