About Propell Financial Technologies

The Propell Group was established in 1999, specialising in niche financial services. In 2014, Propell diversified their product offering and now offers working capital solutions to funders, buyers and suppliers in Africa. As part of our value proposition, we offer professional business consulting, spend analysis and customised Supply Chain Finance (SCF) program design tailored to meet the needs of all our clients.

Propell partnered with PrimeRevenue bringing OpenSCi, the world’s leading multi-bank SCF platform, to Africa. Propell SCF is a set of solutions that offers numerous benefits for buyers and suppliers. Using the OpenSCi technology, Propell is able to offer unique, custom-made working capital solutions to companies in Africa. In 2014, OpenSCi provided $90b of working capital to over 17,000 companies around the world. There are currently 45 active banks providing funding via the platform in 30 different currencies and in multiple jurisdictions. 

Propell’s main goal is to work with companies to free up cash tied up in working capital with no new debt (balance sheet) and have a minimal impact on the income statement.

Directors and Management

Willem le Roux
Andre van Schaik
Executive Director
Emuel Schoeman
Executive Director
James Mason
Non-Executive Director
Riaan Stassen
Non-Executive Director
Michiel le Roux
Non-Executive Director